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Color Repair & Restoration

Has the sun taken a toll on your hand knotted Oriental rug? Over time the UV rays from the sun can cause sun fade on the original colors of your priceless possession. If you are unsure, you can do a quick test by just flipping your rug over. Does the coloring on the front match the coloring on the back of the rug? If the coloring on the front is lighter than the back, the colors have faded and the good news is, we can restore the colors.    


We can now safely and permanently restore your rug’s color to like new. While we have been spot dying wall to wall rugs for over ten years, it is only recently that we have been certified to restore color to your hand knotted rugs too.

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"Your people are incredibly positive, professional and responsive.  A great experience!"

- Satisfied Customer

Color Loss Spot Pic

"The transformation was amazing.  I never would have believed some of the large stains would totally disappear.  Great job."

Color Loss Repaired Pic Oriental Rug Restore

You can see that the above rug had lost its original bright color pallet. We were able to restore this family heirloom by using a state of the art color app to create and match each color in the rug and then re-dying the face fibers. This is a permanent restoration and will not rinse out with future cleanings.


The beautiful restoration is pictured above.  


Do you have bleach spots in your hall from the laundry? Have you been too aggressive removing a spot on the carpet resulting in a lighter spot? Don't replace your carpet let us restore the color for you at a fraction of the cost of a new rug.


Carpet discoloration and stains can result from countless culprits such as acne medication, perfume, household bleach, insecticide, urine, coffee, plant food, mustard, furniture legs, sun fade, various pet stains, side-match correction and traffic related conditions. Since the average “life” of a carpet is roughly twelve years, there’s bound to be some damage along the way. However, with the help of our trained professionals, your aging carpet can gain an extended life.

Before and After carpet color restoration

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